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ETC fos/4 Panel, Large (24x24), Lustr X8
ETC has over a decade of color research that comes together in the fos/4 Panel. These fixtures were designed specifically for the studio and film industry, and take predictably nuanced color from reality to the camera to the screen. The fos/4 Panels are available in three sizes; 8x24 in., 16x24 in., and 24x24 in. as well as two different arrays; Lustr X8 full color and Daylight HDR tunable white leaving you never wishing for anything more. The fos/4 Panels are shockingly bright, but don’t sacrifice color quality. And with the addition of Deep Red LEDs, the Lustr X8 array pushes the boundaries of color rendering possibilities while the tunable Daylight HDR array gives new depth to your white light. The fos/4 series fixtures are made by ETC in the USA and are backed by ETC with 24/7/365 phone support guarantee.
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